Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Plenary 1: Technology and Lifestyle

Marshall McLuhan's "Acoustic Space"
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Our first plenary lecture will be held this Friday, 9 Dec 2011. We will meet during class time (2:30-3:30 p.m.) at Leong Hall.

Reminder: Please personally hand-in your first paper to either Ted or Bro. Tony who will both be in attendance. This will serve as your attendance for the day. If you cannot make it to the plenary, you may submit your paper anytime during the day in my designated drop box at Schmitt Hall (Chemistry Department) to meet the deadline.


Fabian M. Dayrit, Ph.D.
Professor, Department of Chemistry
Dean, School of Science & Engineering


At no time in the past is human society as immersed in technology as it is today. This dependence on technology, in particular Information and Communication Technology (ICT), has a profound effect on our personal lives and social behavior.

In 1964, Marshall McLuhan made his famous statement that: "the medium is the message." He believed that communications technology (the "medium") would have wide ranging effects on society which go beyond the actual content (the "message"). This talk will reflect on how ICT is impacting individuals and society and what each one can do about it.

About the Speaker:

Fabian M. Dayrit finished B.S. Chemistry at the Ateneo de Manila University (cum laude), then attended Princeton University (Princeton, NJ, USA) where he finished M.A. and Ph.D. Chemistry. He is also the current Director of the National Chemistry Instrumentation Center (NCIC) housed in Schmitt Hall, Ateneo de Manila University.


Please download, print, and fill out the survey form prior to attending the lecture.

Textbook Chapter:

  • Telecommunications in the 21st Century by Catherine Manuela L. Ramos and Nina Rosario L. Rojas

Further Reading:

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