Week 1-4
Classroom policies, course requirements, grading system
The Practice of Science
Paper 1 (Dec 2)

Topics: Science and the scientific method, technology and national development, intellectual property rights.

Week 5-8
Technology and Lifestyle
Plenary Lecture 1: Technology and Lifestyle (Dec 9)
Plenary Lecture 2: Innovation (Jan 6)
Midterms (Jan 16)

Topics: Telecommunications, nanotechnology, packaging, smoking, the modern diet, biotechnology.

Week 9-12
Environment and Sustainable Development
Plenary Lecture 3: Environment (Jan 20)
Climate Change
Plenary Lecture 4: Climate Change & Governance (Jan 27)
Paper 2 (Feb 13)

Topics: The state of the environment, biodiversity, solid waste management, climate change, sustainable development.

Week 13-16
Origins of Life
Plenary Lecture 5: Origins of Life (Feb 15)
Origin of the Universe
Plenary Lecture 6: Origins of the Universe (Feb 24)
Film Showing: Stephen Hawking’s Universe Part 1 (Feb 29)
Film Showing: Stephen Hawking’s Universe Part 2 (Mar 2)

Topics: Life and its origins, cosmology and the origins of the universe.

Week 17, 18
Summary and synthesis

Updated, Real-time Schedule:

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