YouTube Video Project

Choose among the following approaches:

1. An advocacy video that promotes an environmental cause that you are passionate about. Look at the scientific and technological aspects of the issues, as well as key socioeconomic factors. Make sure that you are not only promoting awareness of the issue, but prescriptions for change and (possibly) political action, based on your analysis.

2. A documentary video that traces the ecological footprint of a household or a community. Collect data by interviewing your subjects and filming their lifestyle. Use any of the data processing tools available online for calculating energy consumption, water consumption, waste generation, carbon footprint, etc. Discuss your discoveries in terms of the PRP model or environmental impact (I=PCT), and suggest lifestyle and values changes.

3. A documentary that would trace a material resource to its ultimate source or a waste/pollutant to its ultimate destination. Discuss your discoveries in terms of the matter cycles that are implicated in the resource use and waste generation, and suggest strategies for sustainable use of our natural capital.

4. An investigative news video where you would go to a wet market to find out the minimum budget that is possible to provide two square meals (lunch/dinner) for a family of four. No grocery stores or supermarkets, please. Investigate the source of the cost of food items in your basket (resource depletion?, market forces?, agricultural technologies?) and suggest strategies for food security for the future.

You may also suggest your own video project, but submit a 5-10 sentence proposal to me by Wednesday (Feb 8) next week.


  • 3 students per group.
  • 2-3 minute video (please edit well).
  • Submit the YouTube link by 2 Mar 2012 (Friday).* I will download the video and re-post it on our website.

*Note the 1 week policy on late submissions.

Premium will be placed on the concept, content, and production quality. Emphasis on the Philippines, local communities, and the personal is highly encouraged. All footage must be original, and all group members must appear at some point in the video.


Congratulations to the following groups who submitted the best videos for this project!

YouTube Video Project (Sci10 DD 2011/2012):
(Posted in the order of submission)

1. Lim, Reyes, Roman (3/1 0232)

2. Chan, Hofilena, Lopez (3/1 0634)

3. Agbayani, Austria, Dauz (3/4 0750)

4. Banaag, Garcia, Lim (3/7 0238)

5. Avila, Calma, Castro (3/8 0531)

6. Cervero, Guerrero, Shi (3/8 0550)

7. Lopez, Santiago, Sindac (3/8 0807)

8. Floirendo, Leuterio, Miranda (3/8 0812)

9. Blay, Calderon, Palmares (3/8 0820)

10. Cruz, Pangalangan, Romey (3/8 1536)

11. Alcantara, Manglinong, Olivares (3/8 1737)

12. La Victoria, Liquete, Paradero (3/8 1928)

13. Bagos, Co, Mallillin (3/8 2141)

14. Bernardo, Laurel, Lhuillier (3/8 2221)

15. Aquino, Ballais, Mendoza (3/8 2310)

16. Lopez, Nocom, Sison (3/8 2310)

17. Domingo, Hamor, Tancongco (3/8 2318)

18. Ledesma, Miguel, Orlina (3/8 2353)

19. Celis, de Leon, Mateo (3/9 0246)

20. de Lumen, Santos, Saballa (3/9 0724)

21. de los Trinos, Lazatin, Roa (3/9 0749)

22. de los Reyes, Mungcal, Picache (3/9 0913)

23. Garcia, Magabo, Tan (3/9 upload)

24. General, Purugganan, Samorano (3/9 CD)

Late Submissions:

25. Garcia, Manotok, Villanueva (3/11 0027)

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